6 Items You Must Have This Summer

6 items you must have this summer

ACNOC would like to suggest you girls, who love to be beautiful, to have 6 items with you all the time this summer. It is because you need to maintain your beautiful skin without acne or pimples from head to toe every season. Are you ready to get started?

  1. Spray or lotion

Of course, everyone knows that they need to have it! Right? But what ACONC wants to emphasize is to use spray or lotion with long lasting formula and buy a portable size to carry it with you all the time so that you don’t have to be afraid of having dull skin.

  1. Mineral water spray

When you are exposed to the sunlight, your skin loses water immediately. For this reason, adding moisture with mineral water is very necessary. It will not only refresh you, but it also relieves the stress of your skin.

  1. Alove Vera Gel

you don’t have to carry around this item all the time, but it is better if you can because Alove Vera has properties that can take care of your skin from exposure to the sunlight. It helps your skin retain moisture. Apply it everyday after sun exposure.

  1. Spray Toner

This item is good and you should definitely have it because Thailand is hot and humid, which is a good source of bacteria that cause acne or skin inflammation. This spray acts like a toner that prevents the formation of acne and skin inflammation when the weather is hot. With this spray, you don’t have to wait in order to go home and wash your face.

  1. Hand Wash Gel

It is so easy to get sweaty with this hot weather. When you touch things, your hand will get dirty and catch bacteria. So, you’d better have hand wash gel to keep your hand clean and to increase your confidence whenever you touch your face. Don’t forget to buy the one that suitable for your hand skin either.

  1. Hair Spray

Yes! You read it right. This item is not very common, but it should be on your list, especially for girls who dye their hair. This spray is specifically designed to protect hair. It also protects your hair color from the sunlight and from fading away.