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About Us

ACNOC is a Thai brand with the full range of skincare complex for the acne skin.

Thailand is also known for rich and exotic nature beside famous for tourist attractions. Tropical climate provides fertile ground for the growing of a large number of fortified blended natural ingredients which can be used in cosmetics formulations.

In order to make our cosmetics “innovative”, we follow all industry-recognized and internationally-accepted standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 22716. We work tirelessly to bring fresh thinking of our high professional team as well as using best practices of the other famous cosmetics companies. Our company has all certificates to proof our professionalism and high quality of manufactured products.


Acnoc Certificates


In the laboratory, we study their unique properties, in order to achieve the maximum effect. The creator of ACNOC products conducts research expeditions in search of the best ingredients from exotic fruits for skin care. In the year 2013, the Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Kasetsart University which is well-known for agriculture science in supporting for research and development of Thai herb and plant extraction.

We believe in the importance of personal empowerment by boosting the confidence and self-esteem that everyone deserves with our natural, safe, and highly effective products.


What is ACNOC?

Acne is tough on youths, and on women and men of all ages. Acne only damages your skin’s radiant but also your self-esteem to live your life. We believe in life-changing experience shot for everyone by providing the real answer to ACNE problems… by killing it permanently for the new beginning with confidence to move on for better future.

We believe that we can help with our natural, safe, and highly effective product, everyone can have a healthy skin free of Acne by using Acneser Spot Gel to get noticeably clearer. Decades of research found out that there are more than 200 types of xanthone in nature and mangosteen has over40 kinds of xanthone especially “Alpha-Mangostin”. Acneser Spot Gel contains Alpha Mangostin found in the mangosteen fruit and peel.


Manufacture products minding the FDA Certified

Products to be of Natural, Safe, Effective

Emphasize products with active ingredients and Thai herbs

Use well-known collaboration with Thailand’s No. 1 Agricultural University (Kasetsart University)

Very competitive price against competitors

High quality products supported by the qualifications of our manufacturer

Natural Active Ingredients

Natural Active Ingredients

We aim to deliver the power of natural active ingredients

Quality Products

Quality Products

GMP standard manufacturer, systematic quality management.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

We cooperate with Kasetsart University for highly purify extracts