Acne From Steroids Medication



A lot of people are more careful about the skincare product.  Steroids are available in the different forms like facial creams, acne gels, body lotions and other forms. Their side effects depending on how the product cream reacts to your skin type.  They are only used for severe outbreaks, not for long period treatment.


Steroids come in many different forms of any products. Beside hormones changes, they are also one the main cause of acne. There are two types as shown below:

Topical corticosteroids

These are mainly used for the skincare product and medication related skin problems like reducing inflammation and irritation.

They vary in four different strengths, known as Mild, Moderate, Strong and very strong. Mostly used on the rash until the symptoms go away caused by inflammation and itchy.

Anabolic steroids

These are prescription-only medicines used for increasing muscle mass and improving athletic performance without medical advice. However, only the pharmacists sold anabolic sterods with a prescription.

Side Effects

User experienced the most common side effect of a facial burning or stinging sensation from the medication. If the individual discontinues steroids medication, they will also experience following side effects:

  • Acne breakouts
  • Worsen existing skin infection
  • Skin irritation caused by allergic reaction
  • Red rashes and inflamed skin


Mostly cosmetics ingredients includes steroids to improve the product effectiveness and mostly found in skincare products such acne treatment, whitening and so on.

However, they can be used in small quantities and appropriate because anti-inflammatory properties so they used in acne products. People tend to use more than recommendation from pharmacistso the steroids react further on the facial skin and destroy the skin underneath. Thus people end up suffering from facial allergies such as breakouts, irritation, rashes and swollen face and sometimes, it gets worst.

Therefore, the choice of product should be the first priority when buying products for your face.  People should use products made form natural ingredients that does not have harmful side effects for your skin. Hence, it is advisable to stop using products containing steroids and switched to non-comedogenic products to enusre safety of your skin.