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ACNOC Active Ingredient Vitamin C (GO-VC)

Vitamin C derivative (GO-VC)

ACNOC products formulated with active ingredients such as xanthone for mangosteen peel extract, Quercetin from Japanese onion peel extract and Vitamin C derivative (GO-VC). Below the information is about the Vitamin C derivative (GO-VC) and its benefits to the skin in solving the skin related problems like ACNE.

Applications of Ascorbic acid derivatives are widely used in cosmetics products and their functional effects on the skin are universally recognized because of the instability of ascorbic acid (AsA). Pure ascorbic acid (AsA) commonly known as vitamin C has reactive oxygen species scavenging effect (an anti-oxidant effect) in the skin.  Ascorbic acid has an anti-acne, anti-spot and anti-wrinkle effect.  Ascorbic acid partly becomes ascorbic acid radicals, which have reactive oxygen species characteristics (anti-oxidant effect) and are likely to give unwelcome adverse effects to the skin. Many Ascorbic acid derivatives have been developed to overcome instability disadvantages and they are water-soluble ascorbyl phosphate esters(AP), including sodium ascorbyl phosphate (APS), and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (APM), fat-soluble AsA derivatives, including ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (VCIP), and amphiphilic AsA derivatives, including trisodium ascorbyl isopalmitate phosphate and potassium tocopheryl ascorbyl phosphate (EPC). These derivatives have been reported to be highly stable.

GO-VC (2-glyceryl 3-octyl ascorbate) a new ascorbic acid derivative development has a unique structure where glyceryl and octyl groups are introduced to the hydroxyl group at the C-2 & C-3 positions of ascorbic acid respectively and become a nonionic and amphiphilic Ascorbic acid derivative which was earlier unavailable anywhere in the world.



GO-VC is claimed to be superior in stability to other ascorbic acid derivatives. The addition of a glyceryl group at C-2 gives GO-VC a moisturizing effect (Humectant effect) and provides anti-bacterial properties of octyl group at C-3.

GO-VC also prevents Propionibacterium acnes and more effective for acne vulgaris, redness, spot, and wrinkle. GO-VC is suitable for all skin types. GO-VC gives a comfortable moisturising feeling without the feeling of stickiness and improves the damaged skin with acne vulgaris and skin pigmentation.