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ACNOC Dermscan Clinical Report


Study Title:

Evaluation of the Anti- Acne and Anti-Irritating effects of ACNOC product study under Dermatological Control

Brief summary:

The product is being tested on Asian female and male between ages of 18-40 years old for 28 days. ACNOC product was being used on the subject with at least 5 inflammatory acne lesions, 10 retentional acne lesions, and 1 acne mark.  28 days observation was made by maintaining a logbook to record the users’ daily routine.

After 28 days observation on ACNOC product users, the results shows that ACNOC product is considered as an anti-acne effect. ACNOC product also has whitening and depigmenting effects to lighten the acne scar. It was also observed on users that ACNOC product is very well-tolerated on the cutaneous level which means the product is non-irritating

A questionnaire survey was being done to know ACNOC users feedback about the ACNOC product. ACNOC product is appreciated by the 96% of users for its properties, its efficacy during the application. 91% of users said that ACNOC product improved of acne lesions. 83% of users recommend the ACNOC product to a friend.