Skin Type

Basic Techniques for Men’s Skin Care

It is believed that many men still feel uneasy or embarrassed to openly take care of their skin. Although there are facial foams and a variety of skin cleansers for men, they are not the only things that men should have in order to take good care of their skins. The pollution that we confront each day can cause damage to the skins more than most of the men think it can. Therefore, it is very important for men to take good care of their skins.

Oily Skin Type

First of all, men must know the products which are compatible with their skin types. If the skin type is oily, find a cream or serum to control it better. An excess of oil on your skin, especially in a hot weather like Thailand’s, needs to be controlled. Otherwise, acne breakouts may occur, and it will later become a big problem to solve.

Dry Skin Type

However, if your skin type is dry skin, choose a product that moisturizes your skin. Find a water-based moisturizer. Do not be embarrassed to walk into a drugstore to ask for products that match your skin because the staff in the drugstore will welcome you and be ready to give you advice.

Mixed Skin Type

If your skin is a mixed type, you need to take special care and you may need to have more skin care items than other guys. However, do not hesitate to try the product which is for normal skin type. If it works, bingo! Then, you don’t have to find other products to waste your time anymore. If it does not work, try to observe your skin changes in various situations, and choose good skin care creams for different periods. For example, use a moisturizer for your dry skin in winter, but when the summer comes, you may have to use another product to control your oily skin.

The big problem for men is when doing outdoor activities or sport. These activities may cause acne and pimples. However, you shouldn’t squeeze, prick, or scratch it. That would cause the black spot or leave you with acne scars. For guys it might be hard to carry the acne gel with you all the time. But with ACNOC’s Acne Shot Toner Spray, you can spray all day. You don’t need a mirror, cotton pad or tissue. Just spray and leave it on until it gets dry. This is suitable for all skin type. It helps reduce the bacteria which are the cause of acne and can be used together with other products. Guys, now you have a very simple solution to take care of your skin. So, don’t be shy!