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Best Summer Fruits for Preventing Acne

Fruit you should not miss to cool off this summer

Now our home country Thailand has officially entered the summer season. Many people sweat and sweat like a hot steam in Syria because of the heat received beyond from the brightness of the sky is the sun.But under the heat, there is also considered lucky for the Thai people.  At home, we are rich with delicious fruits and can cool off the heat. So today I actively recommend fruit for cooling this hot summer that you should not miss. Following fruits provide many benefits such as preventing acne, making skin smooth and healthy.


Watermelon is a perfect summer fruit for cooling the heat of the sun because of its sweetness and juicy flavour. It filled with 90% of water and healthy nutrients. It is also suitable for controlling body weight due to low calories.

It has Lycopene which contains antioxidants to remove free radical damage and prevent inflammation. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.


Coconut is known for your skin radiant because it is rich in estrogen hormone. It also affects the production of collagen to help slow down aging. With the sweetness the water and coconut meat to chill out the refreshing feeling.  People eat coconut to have a beautiful skin and there are many benefits.


Mango is the one who likes to eat both sweet and sour taste. This fruit must be left to ripen yellow perfectly to have a sweet taste. It is rich in beta carotene, vitamin C for the clear skin and nourishes eyesight and vision.


Mangosteen is the fruit that should mention for this summer because it is the Queen of Fruit. The juiciness of the mangosteen helps to quench the heat well. But the flesh of mangosteen is key useful of mangosteen. Yes, you heard it right! The flesh of mangosteen gives many benefits like antioxidants, anti-ageing, reduce wrinkles and remove bacteria that cause acne. It also reduces inflammation and this fruit is used as an ingredient for acne gel.

ACNOC Acneser spot gel used modern technology to extract the substance from mangosteen peel which ensures clear face without acne.