For the girls who love do makeup every day, it is important to know that there are many culprits of acne and follow the appropriate routine to prevent acne.

Four culprits of pimples


It is the most common facial skin condition for young people is pimples, a troubling skin condition that can affect confidence and self-esteem.  Although a pimple is not harmful to health and will usually go away after time, moderate to severe acne can leave scars. Sometimes, you don’t wipe out the cosmetics clearly on the facial skin. Because of left over makeup clogged the pores and bacteria, dirt gets accumulated as result small pimples pop up.  It is better to wash the face with a cleanser to clear every corner.


Less sleeping hours can lead to various consequences such as daytime fatigue, decreased vigilance, hypertension and potentially acne.

Lack of sleep acts on various hormonal mechanisms that can worsen acne in people of all ages. It is unlikely that sleepless hours alone can cause acne in individuals who have no other risk factors. With combined of genetics, a poor diet, a humid climate, and sleeplessness can trigger the acne even if you normally are not prone to the condition. It is important to have enough sleeping hours to keep your body in good health from your busy working life.

 Clean up the makeup brushes every week

Bacteria can accumulate on the uncleaned makeup brushes and on top of that dust can possibly form new acne. Because of dirt and bacteria on brushes can irritate the skin and scratching skin can lead to red rashes.  It is good to clean your makeup tools and keep it away from dust.

 Facial Tissue paper

You wipe oil from our face with tissue paper and keeps your skin dry which can lead to acne because tissue paper absorbs oil out of necessity. As a result, the face is dry and the sebaceous glands produce a lot more oil which leads to acne popping up. Use mineral spray to spray all over the face to protect the skin from bacteria during the day. And deeply moisturize the skin deeply.