Acne And Pimples Comes On Summer

Look Out!!! Acne and Pimples Comes on Summer!!!

The hot summer of Thailand is unavoidable for those who live in this beautiful country. You may already have an experience of rushing to the shadow after walking out to the sunlight only for a few minutes in order to escape from being burned alive by the sun.

The hot summer does not come alone; it also brings acne or pimples, the enemy of your face, along with it. Usually acne and pimples are not visible in the morning, but they become visible in the afternoon when the weather is hot. It is because hot and humid environment stimulates oil production in your skin’s pores which are bad for your skin and cause acne and pimples. ACNOC will tell you how to prevent acne and pimples caused by the hot weather.

  1. Apply sunscreen to prevent your face from direct sunlight. Sunscreen will help you reduce the causes of acne and pimples. However, do not apply sunscreen too thick that it becomes a blockage for your skin pores. It should be thin enough. Otherwise, your acne and pimples will get even worse than before.
  1. Don’t do face peel during summer if you need to sunbathe. You may want to do it to brighten your facial complexion. However, wait and think about it a minute before you do that because it will make the surface of your face thinner. When the sun is strong, it will be easier to have acne or pimple breakouts.
  1. Drink more water than usual during summer because it is helpful in preventing acne and pimples. Drinking Water helps you reduce the heat and clogged pores. It also can help you in eliminating toxins. Therefore, drinking water is a way to treat acne and pimples from inside of the body.

What mentioned above can help you prevent acne or pimple breakouts in hot summer. It is a good habit that you should practice not only in the summer, but also in your everyday life because your face needs to be taken care of well, my friend.